Who are we?
Evomed CBD is a Bulgarian company established in 2021, which is solely focused on the cultivation of high-quality cannabis in a 100% eco-environment. Our team is our biggest advantage, we gathered experts with extensive experience in the agricultural sector.
What are we doing?
Evomed CBD's team of professionals is currently cultivating 12 400 plants, which are being guarded day and night. We only work with premium products because we care about plant quality rather than quantity. Evomed CBD operates in accordance with the highest standards.
Our purpose?
Evomed CBD's mission is to grow cannabis that can save lives, as well as educate others about the many health and environmental benefits of the plant.Our goal is to grow high-quality cannabis, which can be used by pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial companies around the world.

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Evomed CBD strives for the high-quality product, adheres to professionalism and cultivates only organic products in a 100% eco environment!