Who are we?

Evomed CBD is a Bulgarian company established in 2021, which is solely focused on the cultivation of high-quality cannabis in a 100% eco-environment. Our team is our biggest advantage, we gathered experts with extensive experience in the agricultural sector.
What are we doing?
Evomed CBD's team of professionals is currently cultivating 12 400 plants, which are being guarded day and night. We only work with premium products because we care about plant quality rather than quantity. Evomed CBD operates in accordance with the highest standards.
Our purpose?
Evomed CBD's mission is to grow cannabis that can save lives, as well as educate others about the many health and environmental benefits of the plant.Our goal is to grow high-quality cannabis, which can be used by pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial companies around the world.



The medical marijuana, edible cannabis and THC hemp oils are studied from multinational reputable laboratories and clinics, due to their healing properties, especially in regard to cancerous diseases, for decades.

Food and Beverage

Hemp seeds and oils are a rich source of perfectly balanced Omega-6, Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids. Furthermore, the hemp secures high levels of essential proteins (amino acids), which are sources of more bio-available complete proteins than those coming from other plants or animals.


Hemp fabric is stronger and ventilates even better than cotton. More and more brands are starting to sell hemp clothing. If hemp is legalized, the cost of importing hemp fibers will be reduced.


Properly produced hemp plastics are 100 % biodegradable and can replace all, based on petrol, chemically destructive plastics.Hemp building materials are stronger and lighter than wood or concrete and have better insulation properties.


Hemp cosmetics are gaining popularity due to the hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant properties of the plant. In addition to the skin, hemp is good for your hair, and the presence of vitamin E fights against ageing.


One of the most promising applications of hemp is as a substitute for paper made from wood mass. The hemp paper is stronger and more durable than the one made from wood, but most importantly it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than logging.


How Everything Started

Cannabis is the future

Evomed CBD is a company solely focused on the cultivation of high-quality hemp and CBD for smoking. The goal is for our final product to be 100% organic, while we provide the plants with extra care and love.

Therefore, to achieve these results, we use only high-quality, organic, mineral soils by the brand Xpert Nutrients for the root, growth and blooming of the hemp. Our farm is located in Southwestern Bulgaria on the plateau of the river Struma near the village Tarnovlak.  

The climate of this area is transitional continental, and the soils are extremely fertile with high levels of humus.

Our seeds are from the NORTHWEST kind, with THC rates below 0.2% and maximum CBD levels of about 15%.

At Evomed CBD, we believe in the health benefits of cannabis and that is why we do not take for granted the quality of the final production.

Evomed CBD strives for high-quality products, adheres to professionalism and cultivates only organic cannabis in a 100% eco-environment!

How we cultivate?



Early to medium harvest from 5 to 11 weeks; Maximum level of CBD around week 8 – 15%; Terpenes provide a slight odor of blueberry and molasses;

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Tomax 3

One of the latest technologies in light bulbs are dual-pin HPS and MH bulbs. These bulbs wear out extremely more slowly than traditional single bulbs.

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For growth and bloom

They activate the growth and the protective genes, who lead to strong plants and high yield. 100% water soluble formula, containing the right balanced mix from all basic, plant nutrients.

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Sprinkler system

Drip irrigation

The water approaches slowly and evenly to the root of the plant. This benefits the development of a strong root system that reaches deeper into the soil, making the plant more resistant to hot days.

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Biodegradable pots


100% natural, biodegradable pots, who allow the plants to be directly transplanted into the soil, without disturbing their root system.

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Cooling system


For our greenhouse we use the water cooling system Bio Cooler BCM 311 with an outlet from below. Through it, the environment is controlled by imitating the external environment of the plants.

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Cannabis cultivation is gaining more and more popularity, and Evomed CBD has the potential to become the best hemp producer in Bulgaria!
Viktor Spasov
I love working for Evomed CBD, everyone on the team is a great professional and understands their job. Our farm is located in a completely ecological environment.
Zlatomir Nikolov
Mechanic, agricultural machinery
As a farmer with many years of experience in growing hemp plants, I can safely say that the Evomed CBD plantation foretells a wonderful harvest.
Ivan Damiyanov
Here, each plant receives the necessary love and care, and all the products we work with are high-quality. The final product is impressive!
Bozhidar Georgiev
It is of great importance everything we cultivate to be 100% organic and free of pesticides, so that it can be maximally beneficial for human health.
Emiliya Mihova