Cooling system


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In general, the operating costs of an evaporative cooler are much lower than those of a central air conditioner. The initial cost of the equipment is also lower than for comparable air conditioning equipment. In addition to low operating costs and simple installation, evaporative cooling is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air conditioners, as it does not use refrigerants and only part of the electricity required by other comparable cooling options. On average, the cost of use is only 10% of the traditional air conditioning system. That means hundreds or thousands of euros in savings each year.

Master’s evaporative coolers use a highly efficient cooling medium that allows them to effectively cool the air even at very high relative humidity. Combined with their robust portable design, which makes it easy to move around factories, hangars and workshops, coolers are ideal for spot cooling, delivering cooling where it’s needed.

  • Axial fan
  • Plastic housing, resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Remote control with LCD display with 15-meter cable
  • Infrared remote control
  • Adjustable fan speed, 12 degrees
  • Long service life of cooling filters
  • Automatic function: cleaning, draining the water and drying the filters after switching off the cooler
  • Additional external filter
  • System to prevent the development of Legionella bacteria, algae, fungi, etc.