Hemp as a building material

The benefits of hemps in construction

Hemp concrete

First, what is hemp concrete? Hemp concrete is a building material that includes hemp in its mix. Hemp concrete is very diverse, as it can be used to insulate walls, floors, roofs and much more.It is fireproof, waterproof and does not rot, as long as it is above ground. Hemp concrete is made from the inside of the hemp stem, which is then mixed with lime and type for solder to create a building material.

This mixture has no carbon, for those who are worried about the carbon side of things.

Hemp concrete is the strongest building material in the world, being much more widely used, easy to handle, and more flexible than ordinary concrete. In fact, earthquakes cannot shatter buildings made of such a mixture, as they are 3 times more resistant to earthquakes than buildings made of ordinary concrete.

Because lime is the solder material, builders do not have to heat it as much as a supplier would have to in the industrial production of ordinary concrete. This leads to huge energy savings when we compare hemp concrete and ordinary concrete. It is about one-eighth the weight of conventional concrete and is such an effective insulator that it can reduce energy costs by up to 50-70% per year!